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Construction Distribution Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a new listing or update my current listing?

To add a new listing, or change your current company or product information, please contact Rebecca Wasieleski at or call 800-547-7377.


What other advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available to me?

In addition to our annual company listing level pricing listed to the right, we also offer exceptionally targeted Buyer's Guide entry page and category positions are available, including leaderboard and skyscraper banner ads, linked product images and contextual advertising as well as fixed position 120x90 banner ads on the main entry page.

We also offer many other specialized e-media advertising opportunities to promote your company, its products and services, including targeted banner campaigns throughout our site, e-mail products, sponsorships and more.

For more information on these and other opportunities, please contact Nancy Terrill at or call 800-547-7377.